Shay + Andrew | Ridgway Sunset Couples Session

Shay and Andrew met me just as spring was starting to appear, and we settled on beautiful Dennis Weaver Park in Ridgway as our location.  Dennis Weaver is gorgeous for many reasons.  You have a half panorama view of the meeting of Colorado mountain ranges, including the Cimarrons and the San Juans.  The ground is covered in gorgeous sage brush and the River Trail runs through it that goes to the reservoir and into town. You’re just removed enough from town to feel like you’re in the mountains but not far enough that you can’t walk or bike back to town fairly quickly.

Looking at these photos, I am struck by how much laughter is happening. Even in the non-laughing pics, you can tell these two are stoked to be in each other’s presence.

One of the most amazing things about portrait photography is getting to meet people in my community that I didn’t know previously.  I met Shay and Andrew just once before this shoot, and it was awesome to get to know them a little bit during their session.  I love that even after living in Ouray County for three years, I am continuing to meet more and more amazing people.  So glad Andrew and Shay reached out to me!

And now for the head shots:

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