Couple standing in field of flowers as lightning strikes a mountain in the distance
Family in wedding attire sitting on dried grass in the winter in Telluride
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HI, I'm Lizzie, a Telluride wedding and family photographer.

My journey as a photographer started with taking photos of my friends at festivals like Burning Man and Symbiosis. Weddings and elopements remind me so much of those experiences. Friends dancing together under the stars, laughter, speaking openly about love for one another, and truly enjoying life's best moments. I strive to take that same energy with me when I'm creating for families, couples, portrait and wedding clients.

These days I draw inspiration from the incredible mountain ranges all around me. But my biggest source of inspiration is my clients and their connection with each other.

That's my story. Now I want to hear yours!


  • Yesterday I was reminded of how, as a photographer, the feeling of shooting a proposal is very similar to the feeling of shooting a wedding. And it makes sense! Both are big moments in the lives of a couple taking meaningful steps in their commitment to each other.

    As I got ready to drive to Telluride for my proposal clients, I felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. Because the thing about proposals as a photographer is that the plan has to be as bulletproof as possible, so that my client and I find each other without spoiling the surprise. As I’m sure you can imagine, there are a million things that can happen to turn a good plan into an unexpectedly different plan altogether. Throw in elements from weather and transportation, and it’s really my job at that point to stay flexible.

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