I’m Lizzie, a southwest Colorado-based photographer, and I can't wait to connect with you!


Whether you're getting married or looking for someone to document your proposal, engagement, or family, I believe in the importance of choosing a photographer whose style and personality are compatible with yours.  Here's a bit about me to help you decide if we might be a fit for one another:

I am as passionate about making images that authentically capture the moment as I am about the relationships I create with my clients.  My aim is to facilitate a relaxed client experience.  How does this happen? 

For portraits, I give prompts that keep the mood light while staying away from forced poses. I want to see you in your natural element! I offer a few breathing and movement-based exercises if you are interested, to help ease into being in front of the camera. I promise that even if you've never worked with a professional photographer, we're going to end up with some great photos, and I mean it!

With weddings and elopements, I work with clients to ensure we have a clear vision of how your day will unfold.  With this in place, you can focus on each other, on your guests and all of the wonderful things you’ve worked so hard to bring together for the unique celebration that is your wedding.

Sometimes, especially with elopements and micro-weddings, clients don't want a lot of structure and that's great too. For those types of events, we go into the day knowing where and when we'll meet and a few other locations on the rough agenda, but often leave the rest up to the feeling of the day.

I want to hear all about your vision!  If you're not sure about your timeline or what you're looking for in your photos, I will offer guidance based on my experience, so that you end up with photos you love.

For portraits and events in the Telluride or Ouray County area,  I offer suggestions for locations as well as best time of day for ideal lighting.  I am always excited to scout out a location with you, or for you if you don't live in the area. I love exploring!

My images…

are a blend of candids and posed portraits.  I don’t shy away from color, I am inspired by the mountains, flowers, trees, the natural beauty of Colorado.  I am most inspired by my amazing clients!

I knew from a very early age that I wanted to live a life filled to the brim with art and creativity. I am a classically trained oil painter, I’ve been to Burning Man ten times, I live on a ranch with my husband and our two magical cats, Oats and Ivy.

Photography is my passion. I’m endlessly grateful for this fun and inspiring work.

Now I want to hear your story!