Telluride Engagement Session

One of my most memorable shoots this summer was Mel and Austin’s laughter filled Telluride engagement photography session. Their trip was postponed by a few months because well, 2020. Rather than a spring shoot as originally planned, we met up in the summer and I’d say the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! The wildflowers were still in bloom, and the weather held up for us.
The Sneffels Range and the La Sals to the west made for the perfect mountain backdrop, and we walked through aspens, up rocky hills and onto the San Sophia Overlook (classic Telluride but never gets old), chasing the light as it changed.
I loved Mel and Austin’s lighthearted nature. I’m always striving to create a relaxed session, but these two didn’t need much guidance. I think their connection really comes through in these photos!
I asked Mel to say a few words about their story, and this is what she had to say:

How did Austin propose? Were you surprised or did you know it was coming?

I had a hunch! We took a trip to Taos right before Christmas and I was pretty sure that it was prime real estate for a proposal! We had planned to go snow-shoeing, which didn’t work out because of heavy snowfall. Instead we decided to take a hike lower down the mountain, where the trail was completely covered in black ice. After falling on our faces repeatedly for about half an hour, we took a break on a log and ate some croissants we had packed and then he got down on one knee. It was perfect! It had all of my favorite things – the mountains, our dog, pastries, privacy and lots and lots of laughing. We carved our initials into a tree, saved the location, and will hopefully go back to visit whenever the trail isn’t of mortal peril!  Did you get to design your ring or did someone help him pick it out?

We had a conversation or two talking about how we thought that one partner picking out the ring and making a total surprise of it was so romantic, we both loved the idea of it. Austin has great taste so I trusted him! It turns out that his grandmother, Patsy, had saved a necklace gifted from her late husband Louis just for the occasion. Austin absolutely loved it and had it set into a ring for me. The ring itself means so much more to me because there’s family history and connection to it – and we’d love to do something similar with our wedding bands and be able to pass that little piece of family history on.

I’ll always remember this shoot as filled with so much fun and laughter.  We were not very far into the uncertain world of Covid and I just remember missing friends and connection. Being with these two felt so easy even though we had just met. Thank you, Mel and Austin, for the opportunity to create these images with you!


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