Sunrise Portrait Session for Ridgway, Colorado Metal Artist

I got to know Jak while working with him at the restaurant job I’ve had in Ridgway for the past few years.   He’s a super hard worker, got a great sense of humor and I always enjoyed the shifts we had together.  He left the job a while back to focus on metal work.  (Totally admirable from my perspective, to leave the day job/night job and focus on one’s dreams!)  Recently, Jak got in touch about portraits, the aim of which was to focus on a headshot for his steel-based artwork and fabrication business, Cruelty Customs.

I can’t really explain it with words, so you’ll just have to see for yourself.  These are some of my favorite portraits I’ve ever taken.  The light, Jak’s metalwork, the mountains in the distance, his cute dog, the “beard flare” (did I coin this term or does it exist?) aka sun backlighting his beard… his expressive eyes.  It all has a timeless feel. Thanks so much for hiring me to do these photos for you, Jak.

Oh, and if you are in the Ouray County area have metalworking needs, get in touch with Jak here:


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